Jaisamand Lake Udaipur Rajasthan

Jaisamand Lake is a very beautiful, natural beauty-filled tourist destination in Rajasthan's major tourist destination, Jaisamand Lake is located on the Salumbar Highway, about 50 kilometers southeast of the Udaipur district, it is the largest man-made artificial, in the Asia continent. It is a freshwater lake, the natural scenic beauty of Jaisamand Lake attracts tourists, it is a suitable place for a picnic.

Jaisamand lake construction

Jaisamand Lake was built by Maharana Jai ​​Singh of Udaipur from 1685 to 1695 AD, Maharana Jai ​​Singh built a marble stone dam on the Gomti river, at the same time the Dewar Pass between two hills was given the form of an artificial lake, hence Jaisamand Lake Also known as Dewar Lake,

The area of ​​Jaisamand Lake has spread about 50 square km, the length of Jaisamand Lake is 14400 meters and width is 9500 meters, earlier Jaisamand Lake used to have water of more than 9 rivers but at present only the water of Gomti and its tributaries comes,

Canals have been arranged for irrigation from this lake, there are 7 islands in Jaisamand Lake, the largest island is Baba's Bhangra, the smallest island is Pyari, the island resort is built on the largest island inside Jaisamand Lake, where tourist boats go through the resort,

The island resort has air-conditioned rooms, gardens, swimming pools, restaurants, etc., for the convenience of tourists, the king built many beautiful palaces on the banks of the Jaisamand Lake, the queens used to do it here during the summer season,

Seeing the reflection of mountain ranges on both sides of this lake, there is a feeling of golden bliss, Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary is situated on the banks of the lake, this wildlife sanctuary is the center of attraction for those interested in wildlife, there are various types of the wildlife sanctuary. Animals roam and add more pleasure to the mind of tourists, all around surrounded by hills laden with green trees and plants

This place offers a wonderful view of natural beauty, boats are operated for tourists in Jaisamand Lake, boats are available for rent according to the convenience of tourists, the enjoyment of roaming in the lake by sitting in the boat and the chance to see the aquatic creatures. I put four moons,

The pure water, air, and pleasant atmosphere here attracts tourists from afar, tourists are stunned to see the beautiful beautiful fish playing in this lake, the beautiful beauty of nature makes the tourists feel different while riding the boat, the lake Beautiful umbrellas are built on the banks, which force the tourists to stop for a moment,

Tourists are compelled to take photos after seeing beautiful huge elephants made of marble on the banks of the lake, there is a very beautiful garden on the top side of the lake, in which various types of trees, plants, and beautiful flowers are there, where tourists can sit and feel peace and relaxation. Let's say, the plateau of Lasadiya is situated in the east of Jaisamand Lake,

How to reach Jaisamand Lake Udaipur

The nearest railway station to Jaisamand Lake is Udaipur Junction, from where Jaisamand Lake can be reached via taxi,

Jaisamand Lake can be reached via bus from Udaipur city bus stand Udaipur

The nearest airport to Jaisamand Lake is located in Dabok Udaipur to arrive by plane. The distance from Udaipur to the airport is 17 km and the distance from Udaipur to Jaisamand Lake is 50 km. Jaisamand Lake can be reached via taxi from the airport.

when to go Udaipur

Although tourists come to visit Jaisamand Lake throughout the year, the most suitable season is from July to February.