White Church Indore India

White Church is the oldest church in the whole of Central India. Built under the British Raj in the year 1858 and completed on 9 August of the same year, this church has a European style of architecture. It was established by the Protestant community of Indore for Christians living in India and military personnel who visited the country in those days.

It was originally named St. Ann's Church, which later became the White Church, probably because of the white colour that adorns the building from that era.

White Church is one such monument in Indore which is equally known for its religious revelation and ancient architecture. This revered church of the city is still proud proof of its heritage.

The architect of this historic church was engineer Ross McMahon. The White Church was built under Sir Robert MC Hamilton who was the agent of the then Governor-General of the British Government in India.

As a resident of Indore, he worked with Sir Hugh Ross to enter central India after the revolt of 1857. His statue was erected near the Khan River bridge which is today located in Lal Bagh, Indore.

How to Reach White Church Indore 

The distance of White Church from Indore Railway Station is 3 km. It is located on Pipliya Road in the heart of Indore. Bus Auto Cabs is a convenient way to reach White Church.

Opening Time White Church

Church opening hours are from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, it is free to visit here