best Goa is the favorite place of all. Everyone loves going to this place. Goa is one such famous tourist destination in India. Goa is always a huge tourist destination.

Foreign tourists also come in large numbers to this place. This is a place of interest for foreigners. Goa can be described to some extent. Goa is the perfect place to see Sun, Sand, and Surf. Some people come from distant countries to see this. But Goa has a lot to see here.

We should enjoy it. There are many things to see in Goa. Among these are the temples and the old church, which is also worth visiting in Goa. You should also enjoy watching it. Similarly, the Portuguese colony in Goa is also worth seeing.

Goa is always a huge tourist destination. You should also visit Carnival City, a city that is of interest to all. This city is very famous. Also, do not forget that the original refuge of the hippies is famous for this place.

Also if you want to enjoy a holiday in Goa, you should definitely visit Beach Paradise. The beaches in Goa are also very beautiful and famous. Enjoy your vacation here in Enjoy.

best goa

Goa is a beautiful ‘Pearl of the Orient’ in western India. This place is also known as the western Konkan of India.

Goa has a beautiful beach and is famous as well. This place has a lot of natural beaches. It is also a great pleasure to see the jungle mountains that this place has.

Likewise, fertile land is also greatly benefited by this place. Goa is also known as a favorite holiday destination. Goa is a meeting place in most cases. Also, Goa has its own attractions. Due to this, it is always a tourist destination.

Past and present of such famous best Goa

The land of Goa is the touching land of Lord Krishna Vishnu. In Goa many ancient princes became. Some of the rulers are Kadamba, Silahar, Chalukya, and Bahamani. He became one of the ancient rulers of Goa.

In recent times, Goa, famous for its Holidaymaker’s vision, has become a colony of Portuguese. But until the liberation, the Indian Army has given Goa the status of Union Territory. And then Goa was renamed as the Indian Republic.

A special appeal should always be given to the Goa holiday That’s probably more than others. This is because if Goa was a British colony, the history of the place would have been written very differently.

Happy holidays on the beautiful coast of Goa

Goa has a beautiful coastline of India. Goa is also called the coastal capital. The coast of Goa is very beautiful. The joy of playing in the sand of this place is something else.

These beaches are sprinkled with sand and surf. The beaches of Goa are among the famous tourist destinations. You must visit Goa at least once to enjoy these beaches. The beaches of this place are very famous.

Famous and popular beaches in Goa

Goa has many famous beaches in this place. You should enjoy seeing these beautiful beaches. Foreigners are enjoying these beaches in a big way. The beaches are as follows.

The coastline of the Vagator is a must-visit in Goa. This is a beautiful coastline. This coast is at a distance from Panaji. Anjuna coast is also a famous coastline.

This coast is at the nearest distance from Panaji. Also, the coast of Baga is the favorite of all Goa. The coastline is naturally scenic. Foreigners are more inclined to this coast. We should enjoy it at least once.

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