Interesting facts about Gagron Fort Rajasthan

Gagron Fort comes in Jhalwar of Rajasthan. These are water forts. Its construction started in the seventh century, and was completed in the 14th century. Like Kumbhalgarh and Chittorgarh, it has also been an impregnable fort. Along with this, the fort of Gagron has also been included in the World Heritage List.

Gagron Fort in Rajasthan  

Gagron Fort Rajasthan is a unique example of Hindu-Muslim unity. There are also temples of Hindu gods and goddesses here. And there is also a dargah of a Sufi saint Meeteshah. Where a big fair is held in the month of Ramadan. On June 21, 2013, along with five other forts, Gagron has also included in the World Heritage List. This fort is at a distance of 13 km from Jhalawar city. The secret and history of Gagron have been very interesting in Rajasthan history. Let us know the history of Gagraun fort.

The Gagron Fort is situated at the confluence of the Kalisindh and Ahu rivers on the hard rock of the Aravalli ranges, 4 km from Jhalawar in southeast Rajasthan. Surrounded by rivers on three sides, this fort comes in the category of a water fort. Situated amidst dense and inaccessible forests, this fort is seen surrounded by a moat all around.

History of Gagron Fort 

Gagron was earlier ruled by Parmar Rajputs, who built this fort. In his name, this fort was called Dodhagarh or Ghulergarh. According to Chauhan Kill Kalpadrum, Devansingh Dhichi captured Dhulargarh by killing Bijaldev Dod in the latter half of the twelfth century.

And named him Gagron. Gagron had strategic importance due to the nearby forts of Malwa, Gujarat, Mewar and Hadoti. In 1300 AD, the ruler Jaitsi thwarted Alauddin Khilji's attack on Gagron. In 1423 AD, Sultan Hoshangshah of Mandu attacked Gagron, and then the ruler of this place, Achaldas Dhichi got Veergati. And the women committed Jauhar.

This is called the first saka of Gagron. In 1437 AD, the ruler Palhasani, who pulled over this fort, again took control. In 1444 AD, Sultan Mahmud Khilji I of Malwa captured this fort. Then the women of the fort committed Jauhar. This was Gagron's second saka. Mahmud Khilji got another coat constructed in this fort and named it Mustafabad.

After that, Rana Sanga took control of this fort and handed it over to Medini Rai. In 1532 AD, Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, in 1542 AD Sher Shah Suri and in 1562 AD Akbar established the fort. Shah Jahan gave it to Rao Mukund Singh of Gagron Kota. Till 1948, this quota remained under the state.

Surajpol, Bhairavpol, and Ganeshpol are the main entrances to Gagron's fort, protected by a triple wall. The huge Jauhar Kund, the palace of Raja Achal Das and his queens, Nakarkhana, Gunpowder, Taksal, Madhusudun and the temples of Sheetla Mata, Dargah of Sufi saint Meethi Sahib and Buland Darwaza built by Aurangzeb are prominent in the architecture of Gagron fort.

Gagron Fort has been the centre of valor of the heroes, this fort has been a symbol of the valour of the Rajputs drawn here. It is a symbol of Hindu-Muslim unity. Where there is also a monastery of Saint Pipa. The arched gates, Sheesh Mahal, Janana Mahal, and Mardana Mahal are unique in their craftsmanship.

Many monuments, reservoirs, wells, and storage are also built in this fort. To reach here, you can come through Jhalawar or Kota. Gagron to Kota distance is 90 km. There are many routes available from Jhalawar to Gagron. From where this fort is situated at a distance of only ten km.

Interesting facts about Gagron Fort

There are very few such forts in the country which are surrounded by water from all sides, which the fort of Gagron is also one. The turrets of this fort meet the hills. The most interesting thing about Gagron is that it will probably be the first fort in the country, in which the foundation was not used.

Achaldas Dhichi was the mighty ruler of this place. When Hoshang Shah took over this fort, he never tampered with the bedroom of Achaldas.

Some people tell that even today some supernatural powers reside in this fort. People believe that even today the king comes to his palace and sleeps on the bed and smokes hookah.