Firoz Shah Palace Hisar in Haryana

Firoz Shah Palace is a historical and famous tourist place located in the city of Hisar in the state of Haryana. Firoz Shah Palace built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq is also known as Hisar-e-Firoza. A mosque is also present inside the Firoz Shah Mahal complex which is known as Lat Ki Masjid.

Along with the mosque, there is also a 20 feet high pillar inside Hisar-e-Firoza, which was earlier the pillar of Ashoka. There is also a Gurjari Mahal nearby, which was built by Firoz Shah for his wife Gurjari in 1356. Firoz Shah Palace or Hisar-e-Firoza remains a center of attraction for tourists and history buffs with thousands of tourists visiting every year.

Talking about the history of Firoz Shah Palace, the construction of this historic palace started in 1354 AD under the supervision of Firoz Shah, which was completed after about two and a half years in 1356. After which Firoz Shah ordered his courtiers to build their palaces within the walls of the fort.

The Firoz Shah Palace had faced many invasions after its construction, due to which the situation at Hisar-e-Firoza became very disturbed. But given its historical importance, restoration work on the palace started in 1924 and has been going on since then and the complex has also been declared a centrally protected monument by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Architecture of Firoz Shah Palace

 The architecture or artworks of this palace is a synthesis of Islamic and Indian architecture. Built of red sandstone, the Firoz Shah Palace complex consists of a mosque, a Diwan-i-Aam, a palace for the Shah's wife, underground apartments and a granary. While there were four main gates around the palace which are known as Talaki Gate, Nagori Gate, Mori Gate, and Delhi Gate.

The Hisar-e-Firoza or Firoz Shah palace complex had a royal entrance gate and four other gates around the palace, some of which are now damaged 

The Shahi Darwaza in Firoz Shah Mahal has the entrance to the east which is still standing and serves as the main entrance to the fort. The royal gate was reserved for the royal family at that time.

The gate faces west, with access to the ancient Agroha mound and Sirsa, and still stands in front of Hisar's main bus station.

Nagori Gate was demolished by the Bansilal government to widen the entrance to the market, hence nothing remains at this place, but it is still known as Nagori Gate.

Delhi Gate was towards the east in present Mehta Nagar near Shaheed Bhagat Singh Chowk.

Timings of Hisar-e-Firoza

If you are planning to visit Firoz Shah Mahal Hisar with your friends or family and are searching about the timing of Firoz Shah Palace, then let us tell you Feroz Shah Palace for tourists to visit seven days a week in the morning. It is open from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, you can visit here anytime during this time.

Entry Fee of Firoz Shah Palace

There is no charge for tourists to visit Firoz Shah Mahal. Whenever you come to visit here, you can roam comfortably without paying any entry fee.