Chilka Lake Odisha India

Chilka Lake is one of the major tourist destinations in the state of Orissa, India. Chilka Lake is also known as Chilika Lake. If you love nature, then you must go to Chilka Lake, a walk here will be recorded in very beautiful, happy memorable moments of your life. Chilika Lake is the most attractive and beautiful place in Orissa where tourists add beauty to their journey by boating.

Chilka Lake is one of the largest lakes in India, it is the largest brackish water lake in Asia. Chilka Lake is a good place for migratory birds, where every year millions of birds come from all over the world. An enchanting and real glimpse of the local life is visible on Chilka Lake, Chilka Lake is made up of small lamps, the lake is an ecosystem with huge fish resources.

Chilka Lake Odisha India

Chilka Lake is a wonderful gift from nature, it is located in the districts of Puri, Khordha, and Ganjam in the state of Orissa. Chilka Lake is about 70 km long and 30 km wide, with an area of ​​1165 sq km with an average depth of 3 metres. The colour of the water is slightly beige due to the decrease in the depth of the lake. About 72 small and big rivers come and fall in the jail. Its water is neither completely salty nor sweet. When you go to roam inside the boat, many times the water will jump in your mouth, which will tell how the test is.

Chilka Lake is the largest coastal lake in India and is a saltwater lagoon lake. Chilka Lake is located on the south side of the Mahanadi delta.

Dolphin Point is a special place in Satpara Puri district, more than 225 species of fish are found here, and the most special among them is Chilka Dolphin. This lake is the only habitat of the Irrawaddy dolphin which is classified as an endangered species for the conservation of nature.

In fact, it is very surprising to find dolphins in Chilika Lake. According to the recent calculations, 162 dolphins are present in this lake. You can see beautiful dolphins with your own eyes in Chilka Lake.

Many very beautiful white water birds will welcome you when you get into the boat and go far into the lake. The excessive movement of tourists in Chilka Lake has spoiled the aquatic birds in such a way that flying along with your boat will demand popcorn from you and as soon as you throw popcorn towards them they will all fall on them and you will be surprised by their adorable acts. I will be thankful This goes on until your popcorn runs out

Kaliji Temple in Chilka Lake Odisha

Kalijai Temple is situated on a lamp of the lake, Goddess Kali Ji is worshipped in Kalijai Temple, this temple is very revered by the local people.

The environment of Chilka Lake will give you a different experience. This lake gives shelter to the endangered species of many types of animals. A large number of migratory birds come here every year and enjoy this place.

Many small and big lamps have been built on Chilika Lake, and people live on some lamps. Whose traditional occupation is fish farming, you can see the people themselves doing fish farming

birds in Chilka Lake Odisha

The arrival of migratory birds in Chilka Lake starts in the month of October and stays here till February.

The most amazing thing about Chilika Lake is the water remains salty from December to June and the water becomes sweet during the rainy days.

The best season to visit Chilka Lake is from October to March. The environment of Chilka Lake is very beautiful and enchanting during winters, which tourists like best. Even in summer, tourists come to spend their holidays with the whole family. During the rainy season, the weather of Chilka Lake becomes more pleasant with the rains.

Chilka Lake Odisha India

The front passage of sunrise and sunset near Chilka Lake attracts a lot of tourists. If you ever get a chance in life, then definitely visit this beautiful lake.

How to reach Chilka Lake  

If you want to reach Chilka Lake via aeroplane then the nearest airport to Chilka Lake is Bhubaneshwar from where the distance of Chilka Lake is about 115 Kms, you can reach Bhubaneshwar airport by bus, taxi or car. One can reach Chilka Lake.

If you want to reach Chilka Lake via rail then you can reach Chilka Lake by reaching Puri Railway Station, the distance of Chilka Lake from Puri Railway Station is 38 km.

Apart from Puri, the distance of Chilka Lake from Balugaon railway station is only 5 kilometres.

You can reach Chilka Lake via road from major cities of Orissa like Puri, Bhubaneshwar and Cuttack

The distance of Chilka Lake from Jagannath Temple Puri is about 40 kilometres, if you go to visit Jagannath Temple, then you must definitely visit Chilka Lake.