Sajjangarh Biological Park Udaipur Rajasthan

Sajjangarh Biological Park is located in Rajasthan's most beautiful city, the famous in Udaipur city, by Udaipur city, the distance of the biological park is 4 kilometres.

Sajjangarh Biological Park is located in the foothills of Sajjangarh Fort (Monsoon Palace) from the hills of Aravali, the distance from the monsoon Palace is approximately 3 kilometres, the Biological Park has been the centre of attractions tourist attractions coming from Lake City from abroad.

Biological Park offers a beautiful sight of its natural beauty, rich vegetation, and wild organisms, coming here and get very pleased with tourism, and there is a feeling of peace in mind,

Sajjangarh Biological Park is the second-largest biological garden in Rajasthan, on April 15, 2015, the Biological Garden was opened by the Rajasthan Government, the area of ​​Sajjangarh BiologicalPark is 36 hectares, artificial lake Jian Sagar Lake is located inside the biological park, which is also called Tiger Lake.

Rajasthan's first biological park is located in Nahargarh Jaipur, and the second biological park is Sajjangarh Udaipur

Wildlife creatures in Sajjangarh Biological Park, Chinkara, Tiger, Panther, Lion, Bear, Fox, Crocodile, Chiel, Gidal, Turtle, Wild Pussy, Sambar, Deer, Wolf, Vossing, African Lion, Asian Lion, Chauchinga , Style, rabbit, wild pig etc. Many wildlife is kept in cages.

Golf car, bicycle, child carriage, cafeteria etc. for touring in Sajjangarh Biological Park is available for tourists, tourists can visualize a golf car, bicycle or pedestrian at their convenience, per capita ₹ 50 charging for visiting golf car Treasured, 3 kilometres of excursion has been marked,

All the animals of the Biological Park have become habitually, here thousands of thousands of tourists come to see wildlife and see the beautiful hills of natural beauty and Aravali ranges,

Sajjitgarh is swinging for children inside the Biological Park, and this park has made its own hygiene and beauty different identities

Ranthambore's famous Lion T 24 which is also known as Ustad, is currently increasing the beauty of Sajjangarh Biological Park

Admission fee in Sajjangarh Biological Park: 

Indian tourist atmosphere, foreign tourist Rs.300, camera fee_80, video camera fee_200

Time to see Sajjangarh Biological Park: 

From 9:00 to 6:30 pm, it is open to tourists